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Our Services

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Utilizing forty years of listening and interpreting to gain insights from all stakeholders in identifying key objectives, measurable goals, and a mission that reflect both the character and history of the constituencies to be served. Strategic Planning equips organizations with a yardstick by which all programs, personnel and opportunities can be measured against a plan that insures maximum return on investment in providing services and economic development for the community.

Grant Application & Submittal

Includes analysis of grant opportunity, assessment of likelihood of success, preparation and collation of necessary documentation and data research for application preparation and then submittal.

drainageProject & Grant Management

Are services that may be required to implement the grant award. This may include any or all of the admin istrative responsibilities and documentation of compliance at the time of project completion.

Public Hearings

May be conducted as part of the Grant Process or may be provided to client entities whose manpower resources make this a burdensome requirement.

Funding Strategies

May be needed to identify matching or alternative resources to qualify for grants and or initiate project that do not qualify for sufficient funds for completion under normal circumstances.



May be provided by TRAYLOR & Associates for new employees or elected officials seeking to understand governmental processes, requirements, restrictions, or specific project evolution.