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Statement of Qualifications

Statement of Qualifications

History & Origins of the Firm

The firm was founded in 1974 as a sole proprietorship by Mr. Thomas E. Barber, P.E. and operated under the name THOMAS E. BARBER & ASSOCIATES until 1978. Mr. Barber, an engineer by training and education, served as an Assistant Regional Administrator of HUD and Manager of HUD’s Little Rock, Arkansas Area Office in the early 1970’s.

The firm was organized to assist mid-sized cities and other smaller local governments whose lack of knowledge or understanding of government assistance programs prevented them from accessing these sources of financing, especially grants available through agencies of the state and federal government, for needed community projects.

In 1978, Mr. Barber formed a partnership with Mr. Gary R. Traylor, and the firm continued under the name BARBER-TRAYLOR & ASSOCIATES until 1981. During this period the firm experienced growth and opened a Field Office in West Texas, which is still in operation.

In 1981, Mr. Barber and Mr. Traylor merged the firm with BARBER-BRANNON ENGINEERS, a firm owned jointly by Mr. Barber and another partner, and incorporated under the name BARBER-BRANNON-TRAYLOR, INC. The merger consolidated engineering, architectural, and planning/grant-related disciplines, making it possible to offer a full range of services to a growing number of local government clients. The firm also opened an engineering practice in Abilene, Texas, during this period. In 1984, the firm added a new member, Mr. David Todd, P.E., and briefly operated under the name BARBER, BRANNON, TRAYLOR, & TODD, Inc. On December 31, 1984, Mr. Barber, the Corporation’s President, sold his interest to the other members of the firm, and retired.

The specialized application preparation and grant management functions of the firm were taken over by Mr. Traylor, and GARY R. TRAYLOR & ASSOCIATES, INC. was formed on January 1, 1985. Today, the firm has offices in Tyler and Lamesa, Texas, and serves approximately 100 local government entities throughout the State of Texas.

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